How to Know which Survival Lighters are the Best

The most crucial feature of survival is the ability to begin a fire. There are so many advantages that people gain for starting up the fire. For instance, you can cook food, avoid hypothermia as well as purifying water using fire. So many other functions can be done as long as the fire is entailed. If you need light, fire can be the best thing to use for such needs. Also, some instances where survival is needed, fire plays a very important role. For instance, some situations that persons die while in survival states such as hypothermia or dehydration, fire can be usable. That is why you should always have a lighter that is well functioning.


The first type of lighters is known as zippo lighter. These are the type of lighters that existed since the old decades. In fact, people who are in their forties used them when they were still teenagers. These lighters are very classic. They also have so many benefits. They are the most durable lighters that you can ever come across. As a buyer, you will not have to worry about their warranty because their warranty is for a lifetime. They are versatile and also very convenient because almost all liquid that is flammable is used. Check out the best ferro rods for starting a fire here. 


The other type lighters are the butane torch lighters. These days, these types of lighters are the most popular and people are enjoying them. They come with so many advantages, but that does not imply that they do not have disadvantages. In fact, the butane torches only have a slight difference from Zippo lighters. That means that they are durable, the same price with zippo and also versatile. Their warranty also lasts for as long as they are functioning. However, unlike the zippo lighter, these can only be lit using butane only. Other liquids cannot work with the butane torches. This the fact that zippo is more preferable.


Another type of lighters is known as metal match lighters. Many people have never used these lighters before. However, they are always being advertised on many survival sites. The same as the butane, their features are similar to the zippo's. That means that they will come with so many benefits just like butanes. When lighting this type of lighters, running a metal matches against strikers is needed so that flame can be ignited. Also, these lighters only burn for some time compared to the zippo which last for a long time. This happens because they only have a little amount of fuel. Visit waterproof matches website here. 

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